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Brazilian Wax Virgins
Don’t be shy! This may be your first time, but it's not mine

Have you been thinking about getting a Brazilian Wax? Don't think twice,  Kelly VanMeter is highly educated and trained in Brazilian waxing and techniques to make your waxing experience as comfortable as possible. Expect a comfortable, sanitary atmosphere and a caring, knowledgeable professional with a passion for waxin'. 

 "I am very passionate about what I do and take my career very seriously. I have continued my education in the esthetics world and strive to learn as much as I can to over exceed your expectations. I am here to answer what ever questions you may have and help you feel as comfortable as possible. Please feel free to ask any and all questions. Sugar coating is not my thing, being up front, honest and caring is." -Kelly

Still not sure about waxing the hair down there? It isn't as scary as it sounds. Let’s start by clearing up the confusion as to what a Brazilian Wax is. A Brazilian is when the hair is removed from the top of your secret no no to your bottom.  A "landing strip" may be left on the pubic mound area or you can choose to remove it all.

Here are some tips to help you not freak out too too much:

  • Hydrate!!!  Head to toe, including your cha cha and bottom every day. Hydrated skin is hydrated hair meaning no breakage and longer hair free time. Use a something gentle like coconut oil, shea butter or my fav, diy rose oil. 

  • I suggest not waxing 1 week before, during or 1 week after your period. If you decide to see me while on your period, which I have no problems with, wear a tampon and know it will be slightly more uncomfortable during this time as the area is more sensitive.

  • Take a pain reliever/anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen before your wax

  • Ask me about "No Scream Cream" Apply this 35-45 minutes prior and help take the sting out.

  • Exfoliate with a gentle scrub the night before or day of your service. Circular upwards motions.

  • Speaking of, avoid really hot showers prior to your service, hot water means fragile, breakable hair.

Guess What!!
There is a light at the end of the tunnel
The more you wax:
The less painful it is
Your hair grows back more fine and less dense
Weeks in between waxing sessions may increase. 

Brazilian Wax F.A.Q.s

♦ Does it hurt? ♦
Well, it’s not like enjoying a pint of Ben and Jerry's Half Baked, but is not as bad as you think. So many times my clients have said,  "...that wasn't as bad as I thought." Quick hands and experience make a Brazilian waxing session go by as quickly and efficiently as possible.

♦ Will I be uncomfortable after I get waxed? ♦
You may be a little tender and red for the remainder of the day, but that's normal.

♦ How long does the hair have to be? ♦
1/4-1/2 inch, think of your eyelash. That length or longer is great. If you've just shaved, wait 2 weeks.

♦ Should I trim? ♦
Yes if you'd like and if the hair is longer than 1/2 an inch. BUT, I’d prefer you do as one white haired queen says, “Let it goooo…….” I know "Cha..cha...cha...Chia!" might come to mind when thinking about how long the hair needs to be but the longer the hair, the better the wax adheres, the smoother your results will be.
If you decide to trim, use scissors not clippers. 

♦ How long will the actual service take? ♦
From first strip to last, 10 minutes or less. New clients, about 15. 

♦ Protocol you ask? ♦
Don't freak out too much, I am a licensed professional. My goal is make you as comfortable as possible. A consultation will be performed before hand to go over your intake form and you will tell me exactly what you need. I will provide you with a towel and you will be asked to remove your clothing from below the belt.  I know, try not to feel uncomfortable, I'm here to help. You will then lay on a nice heated bed, get into position, then it’s wax on, wax off! This procedure is continued until all hair is removed or your desired shaped is created.  Wax remover and a soothing product are applied afterwards. In about 15 minutes or less, your secret no-no area will be bare and ready to go.

♦ How long before the hair grows back? ♦
Everyone’s hair grows at different rates. You should be hair free from 1.5-2 weeks. Hair will start to grow in noticeably by week 3.   

♦ How often should I get a Brazilian? ♦
Every 4-6 weeks

♦ Will my hair grow back thicker and darker? ♦
No. Pulling hair from the root weakens the follicle. The hair grows back more fine and less dense.

♦ Will the hair stop growing? ♦
No, but waxing on a regular basis creates finer more sparse hair.

♦ Can I shave between visits? ♦
Absolutely not!! Again, the longer the hair the better the results.

♦ Can I get waxed while I am on my period? ♦
Yes, but know that you are more sensitive up to 7 days before, during  and up to 7 days after your period. Don't worry, I'm not squeamish.

♦ Is there an age limit with Brazilian waxing? ♦
Yes and no....I do not do Brazilians on minors (under the age of 16). Parents are required to sign a consent form and be present during session for teens 16-17. On the other hand, I've done Brazilians on 20 somethings all the way to 60+.

♦ Why can't I just wax myself at home? It's cheaper. ♦
Would you cut your own hair at home? Tattoo that special someones name on yourself? While body wax is available at stores for home use, waxing, especially Brazilian waxing should be done by a licensed professional. Certain techniques and precautions are taken when doing services like this. To avoid bacterial infections, burning, skin removal and other side effects, it's best to see a professional. 

♦ Do certain medications/skincare products affect getting waxed? ♦
Please let me know all medications (topical and internal) you are taking. This includes Accutane, Differin (no waxing will be done on skin using these products)  even antibiotics and steroids. Certain meds can make the skin more sensitive or easy to remove. Steroids and antibiotics cause the skin to bruise easily and/or cause skin lifting. Please stop using Glycolic and Salicylic acid, Retin-A, Renova 5-7 days before waxing. 

♦ Can I tan before and after? ♦
Unless you want to cause hyperpigmentation or irritation, I suggest waiting 24-48 before and after.

♦ I have a special occasion coming up and want to get waxed, what do I do? ♦
Whatever the occasion, try to come in at least twice beforehand. This is done for 3 reasons:
1. Gets the first and most uncomfortable wax out of the way
2. Allows for the hair to be more fine and less dense the second time making it easier and less stressful for you.
3. If there are any reactions, this gives your skin time to heal.

♦ Can I have sex the same day? ♦
I do not recommend doing anything that causes sweat or friction. This includes sex, working out and wearing tight clothing. 12-24 hours after waxing, your skin is most susceptible to outside bacteria that might cause an infection of the hair follicle.

♦ What type of wax do you use? ♦
Epillyss Millenia luke warm (soft)wax is what I've used for years and love. This luke warm gel wax helps dilate the follicle, making it less painful. Anti-inflammatory ingredients make this wax awesome for relieving redness and irritation. I use a soft wax and hard wax if needed but mostly soft.
Btw, there is no right or wrong wax to use. Less pain comes with experience and technique. Hard or soft, soft or hard, you're pulling hair form the root on one of  the most sensitive areas of the body, it's going to hurt. My goal is to make it less painful whether that's with chatting it up or stuffing you with candy.  

♦ What do I do after my wax? ♦
See below

After your wax:

  1. Sensitive skin-Your skin will be a little sensitive and red afterwards. Don't worry, it will go away 30 minutes up to 24 hours post-wax especially if you have sensitive skin.

  2. No hot showers– This includes saunas and steam rooms. Hot temperatures can aggravate the skin. Avoid this for 6-8 hours.

  3. Exfoliate with a gentle scrub 2-3 days after and 2-3 times a week-This will cleanse follicles and remove excess dead skin. This will help with ingrowns. A salicylic based cleanser is great as well if you have infected ingrowns and NO PICKING!!

  4. HYDRATE! So many of us forget what we do on our face we can do below. Shea butter and coconut oil are awesome. Use daily.

  5. No excessive sweating/friction- Working out, sex...anything that causes sweat. Sweat can aggravate the skin.

  6. Avoid tight pants- Sorry skinny jeans, sweat pants, yeah I said sweat pants, or a dress plus cotton panties work.

  7. No tanning and/or sunbathing for 48 hours- Please Please Please use sun protection!